Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Choose You

As the blog title suggests, I'm beginning work on a Pokemon game for the iPhone and Android platforms. The game has been thoroughly planned out and very basic coding has been started. The game is being programmed in Java and Objective-C. Since the scope of this project is far beyond the power of one or two developers, I'm reaching out to the community to find talented coders who would like to make this project a reality.

Briefly touching on gameplay, the idea behind the game is to create a Pokemon game that uses the device it is running on (iPhone, HTC Magic) to immerse the player in his or her environment. This is acheived by having the user engage with Pokemon that are spawned based on location and seeing real time updates of other players in the area. Other features include Pokemarts that coincide with real stores, and player run gyms.

If there seems to be interest in the game I'll begin regularly posting updates that go in depth about various aspects of the game and details about the progress. If you have interest in the game please leave a comment. Those interested in the development process in any way can email me. I'm looking forward to responses!