Friday, April 3, 2009

I Like the Way You Move

As posted previously, catching a Pokémon in game, requires you traveling within range of that Pokémon's location in real life. The range is planned to be 50 feet, or about 15 meters. Once you're within range of the targeted Pokémon, the "Battle" icon will light up and you can engage the Pokémon.

Let's say, for kicks, that you're trying to capture a Ponyta. Ponyta's clearly run faster than you. Seriously, it's a pony on fire -- you have no chance. UNLESS you use a Pokémon outside of battle to catch up. If you can't seem to make a Pokémon sit still, try binding it! If you want a bit of a longer range, try using Vine Whip.

These moves aren't exclusively for capturing Pokémon either. They can be used to access your home when you're not there, or stores you've recently visited. There are plans to make teleportation give you access to your home wherever you're located. Fly will give you the last places you visited and allow you to reenter that place from wherever you wish. The way this works is that you don't get actually flown or teleported to the area near the store, you just get to enter that store. The same applies to your home.

All of the moves in this post are just Bulbasaur's moves, so they'll be a little different in the game. If you have any ideas for moves that could be used outside of battle in an interesting way, comment away!


  1. So would it be helpful if I came up with a list of out of battle moves/abilities and what they should do?

    Trickroom: All fast pokemon nearby are slowed, and all slow pokemon are sped up.

    Gravity: Slows nearby pokemon down and prevents flying.

    Spikes: Lays spikes that will damage a pokemon walking over them.

    Sweet Scent: Makes Pokemon move towards you

    Present: Puts down an item that lures pokemon. If the pokemon collides with it, it will be damaged or healed.

    Block/Mean Look: Pokemon seen onscreen cannot leave the screen for limited time, but cannot be forced into impossible places.

    Dig: Creates a hole that pokemon can get stuck in.

    Sketch: Allows you to leave messages for other players to see.

    Fog/Smog/Smokescreen: Makes map foggy. Smog also damages pokemon in it. Fog also makes the in battle weather fog. Smokescreen also lowers all pokemon's accuracy at the start of a battle.

    Defog: Removes Fog/Smog/Smokescreen and all weather.

    Safeguard/Protect/Detect: Your Pokemon are protected from overworld effects.

    Roar/Whirlwind: Pokemon move away from you.

    Transform: Transforms into pokemon until starting a battle (can use their overworld moves)

    Substitute: Creates item 'PokeDoll' for other players to see and pick up (similar to Sketch).

    Thunder Wave: Paralyzes and slows target pokemon.

    Grass Knot: Creates a trap to trip pokemon

    Sandstorm: Changes weathewr to Sandstorm

    Rain Dance: Changes weather to Rain

    Hail: Changes weather to Hail

    Sunny Day: Changes weather to Sunny

    Hypnosis/Sing: Puts pokemon in range to sleep.

    Toxic Spikes: Sets up a trap to poison pokemon walking over it.

    Earthquake/Magnitude/Fissure: Damages underground pokemon (diglet)

    Aromatherapy/Heal Bell: Heals nearby pokemon

    Camouflage/Minimize: Hides you to wild pokemon/other trainers

  2. Yes, that would be *incredibly* helpful! This list right here saves me hours -- and has given me some great ideas.

    I hadn't thought of weather changing before, but now that you mention it -- I'll have to include it!

  3. Note: I the move's name is Mist not Fog, but it should still be able to make fog.

    I might go through the list of ALL moves and decide on overworld affects later if that would be helpful (that was just what I could think of!).