Monday, April 13, 2009

Now Hiring!

Alpha 1:

  • Pokémon Display
  • Pokémart Display
  • Pokémon Class


  • Proliferation of Pokémon (Original 150)
  • True Spawning (Based on Locational Factors)
  • Searching Algorithm (for Pokémon)
  • Introduction of Pack


  • Pokémon Capturing
  • Pokémon Battling


  • Functional Pokémart code

Additional things to consider:

  • Using moves outside of battle
  • “Special” events
  • Farming
  • Gyms
  • Home Location Implementation
Above is a basic road map for the planned Alpha releases. We're officially open for business here at Mobile Pokedex, now able to accept coders from around the Internet to help with the code. If you would like to help with the game, you must have knowledge of either C or Java. If you want an idea of the difficulty level of coding, I would direct you to Bulbapedia to search through their articles about how Pokémon leveling, capturing and battling has functioned in the Generation IV games.

The work done in Objective-C is entirely client side code. The work you'll need to do will be mostly networking and GUI construction. The work done in Java will be all server side code. The server side code is a lot heavier than the client code, and will require coding a lot of algorithms, working with mySQL storage and doing a lot of networking.

If you want to help with the project, you can find my email address in the About Me section. Shoot me an email with a little bit about what you know (a miniature resume, if you will) and I'll be sure to respond!

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