Friday, April 17, 2009

Will it Work?

I've received a lot of questions about this games compatibility with devices besides the iPhone, especially the iPod Touch. I don't want to promise anything too quickly. There are plans to make the game compatible with the iPod Touch, albeit in a bastardized form. Since the game will rely heavily on GPS location, devices without that function can't explore places without WiFi signals. Places with an abundance of WiFi hot spots will allow the iPod Touch to mimic the GPS functionality and play the exploration portion of the game.

In a more general sense, if you own a GPS-less device you'll be able to participate in other aspects of the game, playing the "stock market", until you have enough money to purchase a choice baby Pokémon from a breeder, or open up a breeding center on your own. While this clearly isn't the full game, it's not a crippling disadvantage. Since the Pokémon in every area will be unique, most people will encounter the same Pokémon repetitively -- you have to travel to catch unique and interesting creatures. Having the inability to explore simply means you'll have to complete the "goal" of becoming a Pokémaster or Gym Leader through controlling money and owning businesses until you can trade for a lineup of Pokémon you find desirable. With all of the above in mind, it's important to remember that the competitive aspect of game play will remain wholly intact for GPS-less phones. As long as you're able to connect to the Internet you can battle anyone else online in friendly or competitive (for cash and experience) match.

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